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iOS 7 "Runs and plays" test - results: Part 2

OK. So, using an Apple 30-pin to lightning adapter - I successfully managed to fire up Animoog via iRig MIDI and both send and receive MIDI to the iPad mini running iOS 7 and record audio out via the jack.

Same worked with iConnectivity iConnectMIDI2+ via the iConnectMIDI2+ USB interface directly.

Also - iRig (the guitar input jack system for iPad - original version using the jack audio) also worked fine with Amplitube, Ampkit+, Guitar Tone, JamUp Pro, Shredder, Sonus G2M and MIDI Morphosis (though I did not morph anything on the latter - but it was seeing the input just fine.)

As on an original iPad / iOS there appears to be an issue with how Ampkit+ handles the audio - only one stereo channel appears to get picked up with any volume - but it does work.

So - hardware seems good too!



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