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MusicInclusive™ LLC is an Indie label and publishing company that works with artists and bands on a personal, friendly and individual basis



New! Patch libraries announced by MusicInclusive LLC for Roland Gaia, Korg Microkorg and Moog Little Phatty Stage II

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Title track "Ground Up" from the album "Ground Up" by

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We are an Indie music publishing company, label, studio and brand

As an Indie label, MusicInclusive™ LLC provides production, management and performance services with many flexible ways these can be made to overlap without the overhead of larger labels


Our genre? It ranges from Blues to Rock - from Progressive to Funk - from Jazz and Fusion to Alternate to Christian and even Classical!

... and a whole lot else in-between too!


We work with individual artists and individual bands on a personal, friendly, and, well, individual! basis...


We are also interested in artist education. Check out our courses page.


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